Making Sure Your Last Wishes Come True
• A book specially meant for the parents with special needs children.
• Proceeds from selling the books will be donated to Autism Charity.
• And also be used to translate the book into Chinese Language to benefit the Chinese Community.

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​1st day book launch on 27th June 2016 and this is the result on book launch day  :
50 copies of book ordered with $500 raised.
$250 donated to Autism Association (Singapore) and
$250 to start writing the FOC copy of the "确保我最后的愿望成真". Thank you very much to my sibling, secondary school classmate, FB friend, ex-colleague, current insurer CEO and friends even i know for less than 30 mins. I hope you can obtain three benefits namely:
1) a very simple book talking about law (even my son can read it)
2) your contribution goes DIRECTLY toward the charity organisation like the Autism Association (Singapore)自闭症协会(新加坡)
3) you are part of the team to help Chinese educated people to obtain their personal RIGHT and making sure they can do something for their loved ones.



from 田小田 ​(her FB : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000049809028&fref=nf&pnref=story)

"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it." — Greg Anderson
While driving as a #GrabHitch4GoodCause driver, I get to strike many meaningful conversations with the passengers. Most of them walked away with better understanding on autism and at the same time, they were happy that part of their "fare" will be donated for a good cause.
Since 22nd August, I had raised $400 which will be used to purchase 40 copies of my book “ Making Sure Your Last Wishes Come True” for the needy families.  I would like to appeal to you to nominate any needy family/ person to receive this book. At the same time, receive free consultation from me, a dedicated Estate Planner.

​Nominate anyone you know of from economically challenged family to receive a copy of my book “ Making Sure Your Last Wishes Come True”.  Or buy the book for anyone you cared for as the book will help them gain understanding on estate planning for their family. And the proceeds raised will be used for a good cause!



Wealth Coach LLP
My mail box: 888452
Singapore 918452
21 December 2016
Sg Nice Lawyer LLP
Re: Foreword for确保你的最后一个愿望成真
Dear Mr Nice1,
Thank you for your precious time invested on this letter and I hope you will proceed to understand my purpose for its good cause.
 I am writing to you with regard to my newly published book: Making sure your last wishes come true. Being a parent of an autistic child and a Financial Planner, I recognize the significance of having a Will and Trust in place to ensure my special needs child’s future financial needs is taken care of in the event of my demise. Thus, I would like to extend this knowledge of importance to the needy and parents who have special needs children like me.
You may find a copy of the book enclosed. Besides creating educational awareness, the proceeds from the sale of book will also be donated to the special needs charities. To reach out to the needy families and the Chinese literate community, I have translated the book and published a Chinese version. At this juncture, I am looking for esteem Chinese Speaking Lawyer to provide a foreword or recommendation in mandarin for the Chinese book. I sincerely hope to find like-minded people in your profession who can perceive the intangible value of how this cause can help our community. If you are one, I will be most happy to share the Chinese version of my book for your recommendation. Alternatively, you could also refer someone in your field of profession who wish to contribute in this cause.
To find out more about my cause for Persons with Special Needs, refer to the links below:
Manhunt story
Andrew's website
Andrew's Grabhitch cause
We will be visiting you soon to follow up on this.
If you like this book and would like to contribute, please visit this website to make purchase: 
Otherwise, I would personally collect this book back as it is meant to raise more funds for charity. Many Thanks.

Andrew Ang
 (AEPP, AFC, FIFP, B. (1st Class Hons) E. Eng, Cert SCI (GI, LI, HI), CLU, ChFC, FChFP, MFSP, NLP Trainer & Consultant, JobEQ consultant)
Mailing Address : My mail box: 888452 Singapore 918452
Hp: 8448.7168; Office: 3112 1488 ; Fax: 3145 7168
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​Referring a nice lawyer to write the Foreword & Proof read the Chinese Book, ​确保你的最后一个心愿成真

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