​Benefits Can ONLY be Best Described by People who Have Benefited

​Benefits can ONLY be best described by people who have benefited, never by Advertisement or Marketing firms...

“Thanks to the insurance payout, it helps to reduce the medical expenses spent on my daughter’s cancer' treatment. I recalled the medical bill incurred in Mexico is already more than $200,000. My daughter was diagnosed with Cancer in June 2011. Andrew who was not even the agent has been pro-actively following for all her insurance claims. In fact, there were three separate claim made on one life insurance plan know as Life Manager. Within one year, claims were successfully made again cancer illness, disability and death. Andrew has even went to the extend of visiting the doctor-in-charge to personally collect the medical report to help expedite the claim process. Thank you Andrew.”  — Mrs. Chia


“Andrew is my agent for my life insurance policy. He has been extremely courteous and helpful in his service. I find him a good agent and friend to have. Thanks a lot, Andrew; I did not call you, the best agent, for nothing. Good one is hard to find and excellent one even more difficult. You can only meet by luck but not by request.”  Associate Professor Robert Lian


“I have known Andrew since he was a student in my class when I was teaching at the Singapore Polytechnic and have seen him developed from a hardworking, polite student leader to a very helpful, focused and professional Financial Planner today. In my current job at a MNC where I hardly have time to sit down meaningful with any financial planner to work out my details, Andrew has been most patient and always goes the extra mile to help me sort out my financial planning. I have grown to accept that he does not do that for me just because of our relationship and friendship that goes many years back but attribute his excellent service to his perseverance and professional drive – the same qualities that earned him his first class honours degree from a reputable UK university. Keep it up, Andrew!” — Maj (NS) Goh Eng Koon 


“I have known Andrew as a personal friend for about 10 years. Since we were in the Midshipman school (Naval Officer Cadet training school), he has been honest, upright and an officer full of integrity. Due to these important qualities, I choose him to be my only financial planner. He is able to plan for me on saving, insurance, retirement, income taxes and estate issues. So far, he is the best financial planner I have ever met. Also, I have benefited from his consistent services, up-to-date email reports, quarterly newsletter and quarterly reviews. I can see that he has a lot of passion on financial planning and he is able to explain to me on all the information I wasn't sure especially when there are changes in the investment market, government policies and changes in the financial market. My assets in both my investment and retirement have grown only to my advantage. I am confident that he will be able to provide high standard of services beyond my expectations. I really hope that more people will benefit from his excellent follow-up services, expert knowledge and extra-ordinary attitude. I have invested some of my savings with him since 2001 and the performance of my investment has been excellent thus far. To date, for example my CPF investment has yielded a return in excess of $80,000 equivalent to about 20% per annum. We have met up more than 20 times over the last 4 years. Thank you for conscientiously meeting me every 2 to 3 months to update on the performance of my investment and financial plans. Every time we meet, you not only update my investment profit but always help me to re-balance my investment portfolio.” Maj (NS) Ng Ching Ching


“Andrew is very professional in his work and had provided very valuable advises for my financial planning. He is always ready to help and go the extra mile to fully understand my financial situation before providing the most appropriate solution. He is definitely more than just a financial planner. He is a good friend as well.” Mr. Glenn Goh 


“I personally know Andrew or Choon Her (his direct name) since young. Both of us came from farmers’ background and have gone through lot of hardship. Andrew is a honest and sincere person. We started the financial planning relationship only for 2 years. He have help me grow both my money and CPF saving by a big amount. I trusted him and value our relationship. If the clock can turn back, I will still choose him to be my financial planner without regret.” Ms. Neo Li Ching 


“Andrew was introduced to me by a friend in early 2004, a client of Andrew. Through my numerous interactions with Andrew, as a financial advisor and friend, Andrew comes across as a modest, sincere, honest friend who is always responsive to my needs with respect to insurance, investment tools and even business-related matters. As a financial advisor, Andrew never fails to act in a professional manner, offering sound and practical advice, grounded with comprehensive analysis. Andrew is passionate about his profession, illustrated by the innovative ways of keeping clients posted on latest financial news, via emails, regular newsletters, investment talks and others. What is most remarkable about Andrew as a financial Advisor is the fact that he does not push products to clients; it is evident that he has been acting in the interests of his clients, on top of his own interest. This has won him the respect and trust of his clients. I have absolute confidence in having Andrew handle my insurance and investment portfolio to the best of his professionalism. I am also glad to have Andrew as a trustworthy friend.” Tay Meng Huat 


“I have known Andrew since June 2002 as a colleague. He came across as a sincere guy who is truly passionate about his profession – Financial Planning. This is clearly evident from the way he plans and manages his own financial plan. As everyone’s needs and wants are different, he will analyse each case and plan for them as if he would have plan for himself. As a former colleague and now his client, his advice for me is always candid and realistic. I have come across many financial planners yet Andrew is the only one I know so far who regularly keeps me up to date with the changes in the financial and insurance industry. To date I have recommended a couple of friends to him and they have positive feedback on his attitude and professional image. It is very important to me who I recommend for financial planning especially where money is concern and Andrew has never failed me in this aspect. As a client, besides the regular financial reviews, I am appreciative that he often organizes seminars such as “My perfect diet” and “VLFP Investment” to value-add his clients’ knowledge. Andrew is also someone who truly believes in keeping regular contacts with his clients. With benefits such as “once a year movie treat”, I am kept abreast of his presence and a chance for me to relate to some of his other clients too. To me personally, financial products are tools to achieve my financial needs. But, without a good financial planner, I will never be able to know what products I need and the way to achieve my financial goals. I have 100% trust that Andrew is able to assist me in this aspect.” Kimberly Lim Kim Kee 


“Andrew has been my financial advisor since 2003, and I am glad for it for he has been very friendly and helpful. Most importantly, he has a passion for the job to do the best for his clients with his expert knowledge. Andrew is actually my 3rd advisor, taking over after the earlier 2 left the company. Instead of a cold business association, he treats all clients as friends, even remembering birthdays and family details although he has many clients. Each session is like a chit-chat for old friends. This has made it very easy to discuss financial plans with him. He offers good advice, but never does pressure you to buy something you are not sure of. Andrew is a dedicated agent whom I would recommend. Yours truly,”  Goh Siew Lynn 


“I have known Andrew for more than 10 years since Poly days. Andrew Ang is honest and hardworking individual whom will seek his very best in whatever he does. I and my wife are very privileged to entrust our savings and investment plan into the good hands of Andrew, He is very knowledgeable and has up to date information in this area of expertise, Despite our busy schedule, Andrew has been very accommodative and patience in explaining to us on our investment plan on a regular interval. Andrew is always able to tailor made the saving & investment plan that suits our needs. We have benefited from his professional and excellent services and will continue to seek him in every investment opportunity that arises. And we would recommend you to engage Andrew as your financial planner as we would be sure that you will benefit tom his excellent and personalized services as well.” Koh Wee & Melinda


Although I had only known Andrew for a very short period of 3 years, he had given me an impression of being an approachable, trustable, knowledgeable and responsible person. Back then, I was someone who had no knowledge on financial planning and investment. It was Andrew who gave me guidance and advises. During 2002, I started my CPF investment with Andrew. The funds didn’t started off very well as I was not able to receive immediate advises and switch the funds due to my oversea commitments. But after I am back from Australia, Andrew met up with me immediately and provided me with good advises on the new funds. Now these funds are making money for me and I even gain back my losses. Other than giving well advises, he will also gives updates on my funds. Andrew never fails to provide me with regular updates on all kind of financial news. I can really trust him to manage my investments and will always look for him when I had problems regarding financial planning.” Catherine Chua


“Andrew has handled my insurance needs for more than 3 years. With all the problems and complexities in the insurance business, it has been a relief not to worry about whether I have enough insurance coverage or whether I am wasting money on coverage that I do not need. Whenever I call with a question or a request, I am always attended to promptly with a personal reply from someone who knows my needs and my name. His vast knowledge of the financial services is certainly most useful in addressing my loads of queries. I truly appreciate Andrew's continually friendly service. His honesty and loyalty shown to me through the years has helped to create not only a good business relationship, but also a great friendship that only comes from someone always being there for you.” — Tng Ban Chuan 


“I started my investment around 3 years ago and he was more than a financial advisor since then. My investments are achieving better than average market standards and are still performing. I was also making good use of the good polices laid by the company, the unlimited fund switching. All these good achievements would not have been possible without Andrew. He always updates me with the new polices or possible opportunities. I have benefited greatly from his timely updates. My financial knowledge has grown, with his frequent e-newsletter of the current financial events and also his cuttings of the current news. His dedication and good service is something that will always remain deeply in my mind and also something that I respect him for. He is never hesitant to share or fight for the interests of the clients. One example is him voicing his opinion of the available medical policies, that the company be allowed sell CPF approved medical plan, which the manager accepted and now this is also available for him to provide and service his client. There is so much more that is beyond my words. Let him advise you and you can see for yourself that he is more than a financial planner or advisor or analyst, he will be one of your best friends. Thank you, Andrew. Andrew has been more than a normal. He is not just a financial adviser. He is my good friend, buddy in managing my finances. With his ever dedicated attitude, he has seen to my needs more than what I will ever realize. He is also a good mentor to me, teaching me while offering his advises. His sincere and forthcoming attitude has constantly kept me updated & aware of what is happening to my funds. This has kept my fund portfolio updated keep track with the financial changes around the world. His initiative in organizing periodic meeting and yearly gathering has always kept me looking forward to a fruitful & informative session. l will have no hesitation in introducing friends to him as I am certain that their finances will be very well taken care of. Till date my finances have been in good health, thanks to Andrew & I am very appreciative of his services.” Hui Ling 


"I was previously under another financial planner who had subsequently left the field. When Andrew first took over, I had my share of doubts as I did not know him personally and I have heard my share of inexperienced or poorly trained financial planners who are only interested in clinching more policies. In addition, I only have one policy to cover minimal risk and few financial planners would be interested in small clients. Over the time, I found him to be a person committed to his work. He is reliable and offers sound advises. He definitely offers good listening ears too. I am a procrastinator as well as pessimistic person but he has shown a good example of my exact opposite which is very heartening. Although I have not been able to meet up with him more often, I am confident that he would look after my best interests and provide sound investment advises. Thank you for your efforts". — Chen Yi Na 


"I have known Andrew for many years, it is only a few years ago that I approach him to help me with my investment. Andrew handled my investment portfolio for a few years while he was with HSBC. It generated healthy profit. Last year October,I invested some money for retirement and it already exceeded 10% return. Andrew has always been meeting me and sending me good updates and this is what I needed most without me asking for it. I trust Andrew totally because he is hard-working and reliable, as a friend as well as my investment consultant."

"Andrew had been handling both my family insurance and investment. His professional working altitude complimented by his personal touch has made our interaction very pleasurable and profitable.  Our investment portfolio has gained multiple folds under his watchful guardian. With this confidence, we also let Andrew handle my company's insurance policy."