The Critical Step - Why people fail?

The Critical Step - Why people fail?

In the world of financial planning, there are many interesting story on why people fail in their financial planning. My personal observation on why people fail point to something I feel it is very critical and it is know as "review". Many people love to dream, set up target or goal, or even have a vision. The most challenging part is where you feel the most challenging part. Yes, there is no typo error here. Success always come when you feel you are almost going to give up and guess what? When you persist on due to your belief and values you hold tight, your success will definitely come. 

There are many success story told on how someone coming from humble background and became very successful because of their strong belief and values. In financial planning, the same apply. Therefore, having regular review with your financial planner will help you pinpoint the exact causes of the mistake. With that, your financial planner will help you take extra steps to strengthen your personal financial plan. This why a long term comprehensive financial must be mapped out and please be prepared to make changes, or rather uncomfortable changes. Be prepared to put in effort, resources and time to grow your wealth and protect your wealth. 

"He who fails to plan is planning to fail." 
—Winston Churchill

While writing this article, I was reminded on how I grow durian trees in a Kampong know as Jalan Ulu Sembawang. I have planted nearly 300 durian seeds when I was 7 years old. After ten years of cultivation, I tested the fruit of my little success from the fruit bear my baby - durian tree. In fact, there were only about 20 trees that make it after 10 years of cultivation. The problem we face now in our era is not many people have the patience to hold on a plan for a minimum of 10 years. Worst till, many dislike the fact that the 300 seeds planted only resulted 20 durian trees. Often we forgot that the 20 durian trees we planted can produce thousands of durians and seeds in the future and for generations to come.