Values-led Financial Coaching


I have done financial planning for many over last 12 years and I feel strongly that something better than financial planning need to take place. My page, www.SgAndrew.com is being position NOT for promoting of financial planning but for financial coaching. Over last 12 years, I know of terrific people who are well versed in financial but never really practice what they preach. I also seem many who really need to attend minimum of Financial Literacy or Financial 101, pretend they know what exactly is financial planning. 

I thought for a long time and maybe coaching is a better way to solve the issue of people not planning for their financial. I am very sure it's NEVER about people didn't know how to compute the correct numbers for financial planning, or knowing the financial jargon. I believe this so call "problem" is rather simple or not difficult to solve for most of us as we are in era of tonnes of free information in the internet. 

The main problem is about the ignorance as well as lack of motivation to take control one's financial. Coaching is most probably the best way to resolve this. I am offering "first appointment at my expenses coaching" appointment for anyone if you are a financial planner or a consultant.