What Really is Financial Planning

"A real financial planner is one who is trustworthy because of solid values like honesty, integrity and ethics"


We live in an era where we always think qualification, experience and the job tittle mean that person can be trusted. In the financial world, there are many firms in the past forced to shut down and many advisers went to jail simply because of the value system of the adviser and the financial institutions . This has proven to be a tricky problem to handle to the regulators, financial institutions and clients. What regulators can do is to keep increasing the level of competency, policy to limit remunerations and raised the required qualifications but the question is does it really help? 

We just witness the recent Financial crisis from USA and affecting the Europe to a large extend. It's understood that that both USA and Europe have better banking and financial advisory frame work than other part of the world. The financial crisis prove that the regulators in the USA and Europe face more challenges than what they originally thought of. If countries like USA, UK and Europe with much solid and advance frame work can't prevent the financial crisis from happening, how can countries in Asia deal with it? I guess consumers can only rely on the most simple approach which is to ask themselves this question: "Can I trust this person and firm enough?" before signing up.

Many consumers and advisers I know of think very little of the important conducting proper financial planning. An experienced, qualified and trustworthy adviser can definitely make a different and improve an individual's financial status. What consumers is facing are problems like we have too many regulations introduced, different type of policies from government, different type of products and too much of economical & financial product information to digest for an individual. A qualified adviser is only qualify if the one are kept well informed of the latest changes not mere some basic qualifications. An experience adviser is one who has manage to help many clients improve their quality of life not because that adviser survive 5 or 10 years. A trust-able adviser is one who show genuine concern, putting clients' interest before him/ her and able to withstand any kind of temptation from the company, government and the society.